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One Of The Main Objectives Of The UY LAB Is To Create Skilled And Professionally Committed IT Experts, By Providing World-Class Training Facilities, To Contribute To The Development Of The IT Industry Of Bangladesh As Well As To Make Them Capable Enough To Work In The Local And International IT Industry And Marketplaces.

We Have Skilled And Experienced Trainer Team, Those Make Sure Each Student To Become Able To Prove Himself As A Qualified Professional In The Competitive Corporate World. UY LAB Ensures First Strong Basic Knowledge On The Course Trainees Get Taught In. The UY LAB Believes In Providing Standard Training Facilities, Which Allows Each Trainee To Become Successful IT Professionals And Freelancers, So That Those Can Contribute To Local IT Development For Long Run.

Unordered & Ordered Lists

Online Courses with full discount systems.

Online Certificates which can be used worldwide.

An online leadership development program at Amader Academy.


UY LAB Has Been Providing Our Services With World-Class Quality And Has Numerous Satisfied Clients. We Have Designed All Of Our Training Courses Which Are Best Suited For The Students Of Bangladesh. But For That We Do Not Compromise The Quality Rather We Take Special Care Of Every Student Who Have IT Knowledge From Basic To Advanced.


UY LAB Also Provides Internship And Scholarship Facilities To The Students Who Can Show Their Excellence. Our Trainers Guide Our Students To Make Them As A Professional Freelancer In The Freelancing Marketplaces.


We Guarantee Every One Of Our Speeches And Services Which Makes Us A Brand In The IT Industry Of Bangladesh