Terms and Conditions

No one is allowed to download, share, or distribute the courses without the prior consent of the authority.  If we find any suspicious activity, we will “hold/lock” you account up to 10 days for observation.

  • All courses are for educational purposes only, not for business or commercial uses.The next lesson will only load when the user completes the previous video. One person can take maximum two lessons per day.
  • The account credentials are for your personal use only. You are not allowed to share or distribute them with anyone. If you share account info with others, we will Terminate your account permanently and you cannot access to course materials anymore.
  • You are requested not to engage in personal attack or use foul language in the Amader Academy support, group chat, and Facebook Page. If we find such behaviour, we will mute you from the chat and terminate your account for repetition.
  • Before enrolling into the course, check the date from when the materials will be uploaded. If you did not check the upload time, you have to wait and within this period, you can not request for refund.
  • You can request the refund within the 12 hours of purchasing the course. However, the authority holds the right to decide.
  • While you are buying the course from this site, it is assumed that you have read and agreed with our all terms and conditions.

The authority has the full right to change or update the Terms of Service any time.


Amader Academy is the sole owner and holds the copyright of all intellectual properties such as courses, contents, videos, audios, texts, PDFs, lessons, etc. So without any written or legal consent of AmaderAcademy.com, you have no right to use any of these properties and you are strictly forbidden to do the followings:

  • Republish the whole or part of the courses from Amader Academy.
  • Resell our courses to third party.
  • Share our whole course or part of materials to others.
  • Reproduce the course materials of Amader Academy.
  • Use our lessons for unlawful purposes.

If we find anyone violating the above terms and doing illegal activities along with course piracy, resale, and second hand purchase, we will take action against those persons under Bangladesh ICT Act, Cyber Police Centre, CID, Bangladesh Police.